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Being a real estate agent can be challenging. It requires hard work, dedication, and persistence. You may find your energy drained from trying to balance your time, close deals, and get your hands on new opportunities before your competition. Here are three Ted Talks that every agent should see and keep easily accessible. Each contain great tips and encouragement for the when the going really gets tough.

1. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

In this Ted Talk, Angela Lee Ducksworth explains the quality of successful people, what she calls “grit.” Ducksworth works as a seventh-grade math teacher in a New York Public School. Although very different from real estate, her job is stressful and demanding. And she has seen first hand the qualities that make certain students stand apart from the rest, qualities that can help you stand apart from the competition in your career.

2. The Skill of Self Confidence

“The ability to believe in yourself, to believe you can accomplish any task, no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, no matter the adversity.” This is how Dr. Ivan Joseph defines self confidence, a skill that needs to be developed through practice and repetition, and that ultimately leads to success in any field. Closing deals can be daunting, but having confidence, and projecting that self confidence when selling will make a huge difference.

3. Why You Should Talk To Strangers

Every agent has to talk to strangers, and become comfortable with communicating with many different types of people. Every interaction many not be a magical experience. But the speaker Kio Stark says that speaking to strangers “liberates us.” It opens us up to making new connections, and new opportunities- two very important things for a successful career. Whether you’re doing a cold call, or thinking about walking up to someone you don’t know at a networking event, you never know what can result from opening up and interacting with others.

Hopefully these Ted Talks will give you some motivation to keep up the hard work.

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