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Five Tips For Fix And Flip Bathrooms

When you fix and flip a home, the two most important rooms buyers look at are the kitchen and the bathroom. These rooms are the focus for renovations but can also be a money pit. It pays to have a plan. These steps may end up putting more money in your pocket.

calculator-820330_1920Create an interior budget for renovations. Allow a generous part of the budget for the upgrades to the kitchen and the bathrooms. Bathrooms need a sparkling presentation. This is where detailing counts.


stairs-612374_1920Evaluate the fixtures to determine what stays and what must be replaced. Nothing should stay that is permanently stained or scratched.


tiles-248638_1920Check the grout. Make sure it looks like new. Mold, cracks, and stains can be a deal breaker. Having the bathrooms hand steam cleaned should be considered.


tap-1937219_1920Faucets, toilet paper holder, towel rods, cabinet hardware, shower curtain rod and toilet seat can make those dated bathrooms appear upgraded when replaced. Don’t forget the shower head.


lamp-1784942_1920Replace old lighting fixtures. This will give you a chance to inspect the wiring while giving your bathrooms brighter lighting. Bright lighting in a bathroom will help make the sale.

These five quick fix and flip bathroom tips will show off your new project, lead to a quicker sale and land money in your pocket.