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When you’re ready to become a home seller, most of your success will be targeted at how your home looks to any prospective buyer – think: renovations! Here are five of the most important aspects that will get a fix and flip buyer reaching for their checkbook.

Tip #1: Curb Appeal

curb appeal - Center Street Lending

Before you put your home on the market, go outside your home, stand on the sidewalk or in the street, and take a good look at the front of your home. Then ask yourself one question: “Would you buy this home?”

Tip #2: Stage your home 

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Prospective buyers won’t be interested in pictures of your Aunt Mary or the medals you won in bowling tournament, so rent a container and begin a declutter process along with your renovations project.

Tip #3: Know your demographic and what matters most to them

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Depending on your area Nine out of ten potential homebuyers will be either couples or mainly women who wi be interested in viewing the kitchen and bathrooms first. Make them shine.

Tip #4: First impressions

architecture-1836564_1920  - Center Street Lending

Your front door will be the first thing potential homebuyers see. If your front door looks like it was used for target practice, it might be best that you buy a new one.

Tip #5: Backyard space

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Potential homebuyers will also be interested in your front and backyard space. Don’t disappoint them. Clean things up and remove any sign of clutter.