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Interior design and real estate go hand-in-hand a lot of times. There is an old saying by Hannah Smith you will see below.

“I believe, as an interior designer, that any space has to encompass these 5 basic principles of design: Balance, repetition, scale, harmony, and proportion. The design concept will lack something without those 5 principles”.

Hannah Smith

Let us take a look at those 5 principles in more detail.

1) Balance. Every home sold on the real estate market needs to have balance. The weight has to be distributed equally, or the home will not be steady.

2) Repetition is normally a bad thing, but not in interior design. You need to have the same texture, style, shape, line, color, etc, throughout the house. The house needs to have a unified feel for everything to work. You can achieve that by using curtains, tiles, and floor patterns.

3) You need to think about the scale and proportion of the home. Everything filling the home needs to compliment the space. Putting an overstuffed, large couch in a small living room will not work. The room will look too cluttered, and the room will not be able to breathe.

4) Harmony is the final point on the checklist.

“Harmony and me. We are pretty good company”

Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

The home needs to live in harmony. Everything in the house needs to be living in peace without any negative vibes. Creating music with the eyes is an old cliche in the design industry. Every home needs to tell a story. Combining the right textures, colors, and patterns will create an oasis in the home.

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