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If you like to fix and flip houses, you may consider yourself a real estate connoisseur. Or, perhaps you are new to real estate. But one big mistake that fixers and flippers make is focusing too much on the physical condition of the house, and not paying enough attention to the details. This article will give you some tips on interior design.

Lighting is Key
Ample light (especially natural light) creates a positive and energetic atmosphere. Avoid window treatments, as these will reduce the amount of natural light. If a room does not have a lot of natural light, consider adding some extra lighting fixtures. In addition, mirrors can be used to reflect light where fixtures are impractical.

Add Crown Moldings
Crown moldings are a non-structural enhancement, so they are a small investment that creates a subtle accent. Just be sure they match the rest of the house, and consider replacing the baseboards, as well, to create a consistent interior design.

Use Neutral Colors
Whether you are painting, installing new floors, or adding decorative accents, be sure to stick with neutral colors (beige, white, gray, etc.) as opposed to bright, eye-catching ones. Neutral colors are easy to customize or replace, and will appeal to most people. Bright colors may turn buyers off.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels
Many buyers are looking for new or remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, and even if they are not, these investments are impressive. They can be expensive, however. Make sure you know what you are willing to spend, and don’t spend more than the investment is worth.

Whether you are a real estate veteran or are new to the market, it is important to focus not only on the physical condition of the house, but also the interior design. Next time you go to fix and flip a house, keep these tips in mind!