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For many home sellers, there is a huge temptation to go down to the nearest hardware store to pick up some “For Sale” signs, and try to sell the house on their own. Unfortunately, doing that means that a seller may miss various market signs that would enable him or her to sell a house more quickly.

For example, while the market may indicate that now is the time to sell, a house that is poorly staged or badly photographed will take much longer to sell than one that conforms to buyer expectations and that has been professionally photographed.

In addition, sellers who list their homes themselves may struggle to find places to list their house where buyers can find them. Real estate professionals will be able to add a house to the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, where it can be found by both buyers and other real estate agents. They may also already have a long waiting list of buyers who are looking for homes with certain attributes.

Home sellers who don’t want to potentially wait weeks or months to find the right buyer should consider hiring a real estate agent or some other real estate professional to assist them with the task.