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Center Street Lending

Center Street Lending recently updated

This property is located in the Park Hills Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.  The home started in kind of rough shape. We did not add any square footage to the house, so we focused on updated the interior of this1924 traditional California-built home. The entire home was overhauled with new bathrooms, a new kitchen, and everything in between.

The house was transformed into a beautifully updated home, with the new open floorpan layout and exciting modern details.

Keep it open.

Open layouts keep your home inviting and timeless.

Color Schemes are a Dream!

Take a look at the “after” photo. What shapes grab your eye? In this house, we stuck with a neutral tone in the paint, floor, cabinets, and countertop, but livened up the details with colorful accessories. See how the blue objects (the glass on the counter, the pillows, the painting on the wall) create a “ping-pong” affect in the room? Your potential viewers will be attracted to the bright colors throughout the strong features of the room.