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Because of media portrayal, most people have many misconceptions about what interior design actually is, how it works, and why it even matters. Here are three examples of interior design choices you probably hadn’t noticed.

Homes & Studies

A home is an important place for the human mind. Homes allow its residents to escape the outside world and every color and furniture position needs to promote this concept. From calm colors to soft edges, the home is designed for comfort.


Offices, like any interior require a specific design. When floor plans are drafted, the building proprietor is usually thinking of a single concept: efficiency. An office after all, is usually a place of work. So everything from the furniture to the colors chosen on the walls is designed to promote focus on the tasks at hand.


Warehouses are usually bare-bones and lack any design. They’re a good example of what a space looks like when it is stripped of any design at all and is instead left purely for function. Imagining what homes and offices would look like if they looked warehouses gives you a pretty good indication of how important interior design actually is.