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It’s no secret that rent prices are increasing and living-spaces are getting smaller. Unfortunately,  all of us are in a position to able to expand our apartments or houses and are in desperate need of reasonable alternatives. From ideas as simple as a change of paint to combination furnishings, here are some tips to help you make the most out of your living space.

Size matters
This might seem backwards, but one of the best ideas for your small space is to use oversized-furniture. Large furniture can be helpful in hiding elements of the living space that could potentially add clutter to your living space or be unsightly otherwise. Stay away from smaller furniture as it will only help to make the room seem smaller.

Multi-purpose furniture
Look for furniture that can double as storage and table or storage and a sleeping space. Combination furniture will most likely save you from building up clutter in the long run.

White paint
White paint has a way of making a room seem more airy and brighter. Using such a color allows your furniture and accessories to stand out. This shifts  the focus from the size of the room the brightness inside of it.

Keep your eye on the artwork
Opt to hang framed artwork as high up on the wall as possible. This will give the illusion of having a higher ceiling.

You can also live in color
Aside from using white to brighten up the space, you can also choose to paint each room a different color. Be sure to choose the colors carefully. Regardless of how open or closed off each space is, you still choose colors that will flow nicely together.

Do not overcrowd
Always be mindful of the size of your space. It’s okay to continually re-invent or add to the space but do not hold on to items or furniture you don’t need.

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