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It is the best time to set your eyes on investing in real estate due to the booming economy in the country. Affordable housing and Low-interest rates is an attractive thing to many investors. The growth of population, expansion of the international market, and job creation has made the demand for cheap and affordable houses increase. Whether you have a plan of constructing a rental property, a vacation home or residential homes or Fix and Flip a property, then the following ten cities will offer you the best place for investment.

1. Houston, Texas

Because of its enough room for expansion and growth of income, this is the number one city that you can invest your money. Many people have started living here due to the low cost of living, and good quality of living making the population and jobs to increase. The demand for good and affordable houses have as a result grew. Fix and Flip of property in Houston have always had positive results.

2. Orlando, Florida

The city has a big tourist industry making it your top investment choice for rental houses and hotels. Orlando also has had an increase in jobs and improved health industry; which has led to its growth.

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The growth of this city is unstoppable because of the growing demand in the gas and oil industry. Due to the growth in education, banking and medical sectors in the town, the town is receiving visitors every day.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

The diverse economy, low rental vacancy rates, and low housing prices make the city a right place for you to establish an investment company.

5. Atlanta, Georgia
The city has warm winters and is the home of Coca-Cola and Home Depot making it an excellent place for you to invest your cash.

6. Seattle, Washington

Seattle does not just experience rainy day throughout the year, but it is the home of big companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, which makes it a good place for you to start a real estate investment company.

7. Raleigh, North Carolina

The city appears at top ten due to the affordable cost of living and job growth. Raleigh is a hub for education, and from the job stability, a city is a right place for your real estate investment dream.

8. Phoenix, Arizona

Steady and plenty job makes Phoenix a right place for you to invest your money. Walmart and Intel among other big companies in this city support the housing market and job growth.

9. Manhattan, New York

With thousands of employee flooding in this city from World Trade Center, the market is booming making it an excellent place to invest in housing.

10. Dallas, Texas
Dallas is the place for you to look for long-term economic stability due to its growing technology.

Invest your money in these 10 cities and in 10 years you will be wondering why you never invested sooner.