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Starting out, it can be difficult to find a credible source of interior design tips for beginners. It can be especially difficult to find interior design tips that are actually applicable at the level designed for beginners. Sometimes the tips you find online require a vast amount of resources or years of experience to effectively execute. So with these three key guidelines, you’ll have your interior design looking like an expert’s in no time.

Respect Space


What’s not in a room is just as important to your design as what is in the room. Leave space in your design so that you and other can easily step through the room. Having less furniture also allows for better airflow through the room.



There are many themes that are very popular when designing a room. Instead of copying one, take the things you like about each one and try to work them into a single design. This will create your own original take on old concepts.



Color affects the subconscious mind in many ways. A room, based off of its color can promote calm, work ethic, or focus. The color of the lights within the room can affect this as well