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Let’s face exciting as moving is it is also stressful. Regardless of whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving is no easy task. There never seems to be enough time, energy, or resources to get everything done and this often eliminates the fun of the actual experience. Fret not, here are a few tricks and tips to help make moving easier and more enjoyable.

Give it away

Once you begin packing you will uncover many items you lost or simply forgot you had. The less you have, the easier it will be  for you to pack. So, give away the things you don’t need! If you come across an item that you haven’t put to good use in a year, just get rid of it.

Keep in mind, you are in no required to throw anything in the trash. There are many reasonable alternatives such as selling  things you no longer use and make a profit; or donate the items to the local charity of your choice.

The early bird gets the worm

Packing can be daunting. Do yourself a favor and do not wait until the last minute. Try to begin packing once you have a definite move-in date. This way you give yourself time to pack room-by-room and you won’t have to do it all at once,

Keep necessities close

No matter how neatly and organized your boxes and labels are, it will still be difficult to sift through it all and find certain items once your move is complete. Stay one step ahead and put at least two week’s worth of necessities to the side to alleviate the stress of not being able to find the things you use daily and need right away. These items may include toiletries, seasonal  clothes accessories, makeup, etc.  

Hire help

Of course, doing it yourself or enlisting the help of friends and family is cost effective but hiring professionals can help to alleviate the stress of wondering how you’re going to get all those boxes out of your old living space and into your new one, avoid making multiple trips to transport all of your belongings, or how you’re going to have everything moved within a certain time frame. Let professional movers can take care of of that for you.

Try these tricks and tips for your next move and let us know how it goes!

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