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Twitter can be an extremely useful tool to help aspiring real estate agents find useful information. It can also be a valuable tool for those looking to sell homes, with constant information available on the latest selling trends. There are numerous accounts that post great content through this social media platform, however the three here are known as a few of the best.


Amy Chorew is the Vice President of Platform Development for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. She is known for posting some incredibly useful information on the latest home-selling statistics and news. Furthermore, Chorew helps to point aspiring agents in the right direction to find information for success.


As the Regional Director for Central and Southern California for brokerage firm Forward Management, Paul Morris certainly knows a thing or two about the home selling business. His leadership has helped his firm turn into one of the largest in the United States. That same leadership shines through in Morris’ Tweets, as he constantly posts motivational words of wisdom to help those looking to get into the business.


Seth Williams, founder of the highly popular real estate blog, is also one of the best accounts to follow on Twitter for those interested in the business. He has many years of experience researching all the latest trends and regularly posts useful information such as how to fix and flip a home and tips for sellers. Williams is primarily known for teaching his followers how to find the most valuable information on home sales available.

Whether you want to fix and flip a home or break into the industry as an agent, each of these accounts will provide you with some valuable information. Check each one out for yourself to see why they’ve accumulated thousands of followers over the years.

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