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Trying to fix and flip houses for a profit requires skill, education and real estate experience. With no knowledge of these three areas, your career as a real estate investor will end as fast as it started. However, a few successful house flippers were generous enough to share their experiences in helpful books discussing the art and the science of fixing and flipping properties for a profit. Here are three of the top recommendations by industry experts.

“The Book on Flipping Houses- How to Buy, Rehab and Resell Residential Properties by J. Scott”
Real estate investor and entrepreneur J. Scott cuts through all the bragging and fluff and gets down to earth in his book. Most fix and flip books today are from celebrity brokers who love to boast about their investing success. Unlike the celebrities, Mr. Scott provides actionable steps built from his success and his failures as an investor.

“Flip: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit by Rick Villani”
Since its release several years ago, many in the flipping industry consider this book a classic. Villani gives most new flippers looking to make big bucks with other people’s money what they need the most, a reality check. His book clearly communicates the reality of flipping properties for profit, and he demonstrates just how much it costs to succeed.

“Fixing and Flipping Real Estate- Strategies for the Post-Boom Era”
Marty Boardman makes no bones about how tough it is to fix flip properties in the post-boom era. A decade ago when the market was red hot, virtually anyone could pluck down a few dollars and make money on a flip. Today, successful investing requires a meticulous approach, according to Boardman. He discusses how to find the perfect market in the perfect city and how to draw the line between quality flips and speedy flips.

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